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25-28 August 2010, Lund, Sweden


Modeling & Design of Molecular Materials 2010
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2010 Nanotechnology for the Forest Industry
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By setting up this page -

- we very much hope there is interest enough among "Theoretical Chemists" in our Nordic countries to share information and coordinate ongoing scientific and educational activities.

"Theoretical Chemistry" will be given a widest possible definition, containing: quantum chemistry, molecular physics, molecular simulations & modelling, computational materials science, computer-aided drug design, nano/bio technology, bioinformatics, cellular modelling, and many more related areas.

Very many molecular sciences overlap today and use similar computational tools. Many different areas are also learning a common scientific language in attempts to connect the time and length scales in modelling and simulations. Theoretical Chemistry (whatever it is strictly...) is a highly interdisciplinary area and rapidly evolving to many directions!

There is a high density of excellent theoretical groups here at the Nordic periphery of Europe and inter-nordic initiatives are born naturally. We have long traditions to meet and work together.

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Leif Eriksson & Aatto Laaksonen

 Mänskliga androgen-receptorn, med ett bromerat flamskyddsmedel inbundet i aktiva sätet. De omgivande aminosyrorna i aktiva sätet i linjemodell (övriga aminosyror i proteinet dolda på bilden  (Leif Eriksson - Örebro universitet)



  by Jonas Almqvist 


by Jonas Almqvist