Software Package for Multiscale Coarse-Grained Modeling

October 2018: New: Magic v3 relesased!

MagiC is a software package designed to perform systematic coarse-graining of molecular models for multiscale simulations. MagiC takes input from atomistic trajectories computed by all-atom molecular dynamics program (such as GROMACS or MDynaMix), creates a coarse-grained trajectory according to a specified mapping scheme, computes radial distribution functions and distributions of bond lengths and angles between the coarse-grained sites, and finally uses iterative Boltzmann Inversion or Inverse Monte Carlo method to compute effective potentials for the coarse-grained model. Such potentials can be then further used for a large scale simulation.

The theory and basic principles behind MagiC are described in this paper:

A. Mirzoev, A.P.Lyubartsev "MagiC: Software Package for Multiscale Modeling" J. Chem. Theory and Computations, 9(3), 1512-1520 (2013) . DOI: 10.1021/ct301019v Abstract and Open Access Text

This is also the official reference.


Developer version:

Get the most recent code from the repository using hg command (Mercurial should be installed):

hg clone

MagiC development page:

Here you can find the most recent updates, wiki-pages, supplementary information and even join the development process.

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Alexander Lyubartsev: Principal Investigator, Method development

Alexander Mirzoev, Software development, Technical issues