Electron Crystallography

Sven Hovmöller and Xiaodong Zou

Electron crystallography opens up new possibilities for crystal structure determination besides the traditional techniques of X-ray and neutron diffraction. Electron diffraction gives similar kind of data as X-ray and neutron diffraction, but from crystals millions of times smaller. A unique advantage of using electrons is that they (in contrast to neutrons and X-rays) can be focused to an image in the electron microscope. In high resolution electron microscopes (HREM) it is possible to see structures down to the level of single atoms. The crystallographic structure phases which are lost in X-ray diffraction (the phase problem) can be determined experimentally from the Fourier transform of HREM images.
    We are developing methods and theory for electron crystallography. Electron microscopy images are often distorted so that an immediate interpretation in terms of atomic structure is not possible. These distortions are caused by for example crystal misalignment, wrong focus and astigmatism. We have developed image processing methods for estimating and correcting for all these distortions.
    In collaboration with the Russian programmers Maxim Larine and Slava Klimkovitch, we have developed the computer program systems CRISP for crystallographic image processing, ELD for quantitative analysis of electron diffraction patterns.

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